Monday, April 2, 2012

Belizean Chocolate Coming Soon!

Cacao trees, Toledo District, Belize
Well, I'm back from Belize and back in the chocolate factory. Production was a bit delayed due to some mechanical difficulties, but we are slowly getting back to business and looking forward to working with these Belizean beans! We're hoping to have some Belizean chocolate ready in a few weeks. I know you are all eagerly waiting to try it!
I am grateful I had the opportunity to visit such an incredible country. Such amazingly warm people, I was truly sad to leave. I want to especially thank Abner, Pedro and Armando for spending a lot of time, with a little Canadian chocolate maker. Abelina, Ray and Gomier - it was a true pleasure to be in your company. Jo and Chris - the best reason to visit Ambergris Caye! Kate and Ian - we are still wondering why we ever left Hickatee - thanks so much for your hospitality! I am sure we will be back again soon!

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