Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We had a great time in the Dominican Republic and we were so thankful to have such wonderful hosts in El Seibo and Hato Mayor. Thanks must be mentioned to Carolina, Hector Romero, Papo, Reynold and Alanna for their abundant assistance in our travels. Extra special thanks to Las Mujeres de Amor y Paz for sharing the amazing community of Los Botados with us and treating us to the incredible cuisine of the Dominican Republic! I also must give a very grateful shout out to Juan de la Rosa, whose helpful assistance with the Agriculture Office allowed me to get those beans home for us all to enjoy!
The first batch of chocolate from these beans is nearly ready! It will be available at the market this weekend. It's simply delicious!
As you can see from the photo here, there is a Chocolate Tour available in this community. You can take the tour and learn about the growing and processing of cacao. You can also stay overnight in the community of Los Botados if you wish and the local women's group will cook for you some amazing food! Please check back on my website soon for a link to the chocolate tour available through Grupo Conacado. If you are traveling to the Dominican Republic and would like more info on the tour, you can email me at takeafancy@gmail.com

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