Sunday, March 2, 2014

The "I" and "We" of Take A Fancy (special thanks to Chocolate Chad)

I get asked these questions all the time “Do you own the business? I mean, is it just you? That seems like a lot of work making chocolate from scratch, do you do it all yourself?”

The answer is yes, and thankfully, no.

I thought it best to formally address these questions for you, lest you find yourself confused at my constant switching from “I” to “We” at Take A Fancy all the time.  It’s not a multiple personality thing, honestly. It’s more of an acknowledgment of the loads of friends and family who have been helping me all along the way.  

So, indeed, I do own the business. The “I” is me, Becks D’Angelo – sole proprietor, slave to the chocolate (grin – a rather chocolaty grin). There are no employees at this stage - it’s a one woman show. But, it’s not really just me, because there is the “we”. Take a Fancy would not be, if not for all the friends and fam who help me out at the markets, lend their volunteer taste buds, and support and encourage every day. My heartfelt gratitude to all who make up the “us” at Take A Fancy.

Extra special thanks to my great and amazing friend Chad who has been absolutely instrumental in making this business a success. Not only is he very handy with broken machines and electrical know-how (not my area of expertise), he is also a chocolate genius! Many a recipe has been dreamt up through collaboration with my dear friend Chad. In spite of his constant prompting to add habañeros to almost everything (“a little heat would be nice”, I can hear him say), I do text him almost daily with chocolate of the week ideas and he is always obliging with suggestions and encouragement.  He assists me with the markets and even traveled with me to the Dominican Republic last year (as seen in the picture below) and helped me haul around those incredible cocoa beans for your chocolate enjoyment.  I really couldn’t do what I do without him. Thanks Chad!

So, you see, it’s not just me. Thanks for supporting “our” little bean to bar chocolate company. We delight in spreading the chocolate love to you! 

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